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Hi, I'm Chris.  I enjoy anything robotic.

I also like building my own animatronics.  Animatronics has been a

hobby of mine for many years and I enjoy sharing what I know.

Below are a few videos of some Animatronics I built for fun



Using lights to animate your robotics!




RoboBones (above), is an Animatronic humanoid I built for fun.

I use all Gilderfluke controllers for the show.

I continue to improve on it by adding things here and there.

With all the lighted additions to my Animatronics, they can be called




Below are some skeletons I added to the show for Halloween and programmed them

to do a number of tunes.  This one is one called "Zombie Jamboree".





Here's the duo programmed to another famous tune



See more RoboBones and RoboHead at RoboBones.com





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Below are some top names in Animatronic production



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Controllers that run the show



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Alcorn McBride Inc.

Allen Bradley



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